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Future Directions

At the global stage, in an era of intense nationalism around the world, the Global Thinkers Project seeks to contribute to a vital conversation on internationalism. In the present phase, the project has four main future trajectories.


First, to compile an edited volume of all the thinkers discussed at the series, with chapter contributions from each of our speakers. Second, to hold a workshop in 2020, which is specifically designed to meet this objective. Third, to finalise and submit for review the team’s co-authored paper: ‘Rethinking Thinkers in IR: A Case for Global Thinkers of the International’, which was selected for presentation at London School of Economics (2019), the British International Studies Association (2019), the Latin American Studies Association (2020), and the International Studies Association (2020). Fourth, to consistently strive for resources to ensure the project’s public engagement through continuing the Discussion Series.


The Project began with a small amount of funds and was later awarded a John Fell Fund grant to expand its reach and impact. This provided the project with critical seed-funding enabling it to evolve into the stage that it has reached today. The team is committed to maintain the project’s sustainability beyond the duration of the John Fell Fund grant and ensure that Oxford remains the primary hub of Global Thinkers – a project that champions diversity in the academic canon and practice of international affairs.


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